Many of Harvey Breverman’s paintings, drawings, and prints portray the intellectual community at UB over the past forty years.

A partial list of luminaries featured in his tableaux include: Michel Foucault, Samuel Beckett,
James Goodman, Bruce Jackson, Susan Howe, Endi Poskovic, Raymond Federman, Robert Creeley, William Kennedy, Carl Dennis, Leslie Fiedler, W.S. Merwin, Allen Ginsberg,
Alain Robbe-Grillet, Diane Christian, John Barth, John Ashbery, Jim Dine, Sigmund Abeles, Adrienne Rich, Alice Walker, Tom Wolfe, and RB Kitaj.

Harvey Breverman’s figurative works might be seen as visual documents tracking people as they move in and out his personal radar, but his sly handling of narrative conventions challenges historical accuracy, allowing him to imagine new scenarios where human drama unfolds. The rendering of presence and absence, portraiture and gesture, and the formal and symbolic meanings attached to both Jewish ceremonial objects and those belonging to the everyday are all part of the artist’s vernacular.

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